DCCOS offers 3 programs: The DC Concert Orchestra (DCCO), an 80-piece, high-quality non-professional orchestra; DC Chamber Musicians (DCCM), an alliance of skilled musicians seeking resources to support their musical development, including master class and performance opportunities; and Classical Musicians of Metro DC (CM•MDC), an area network of almost 700 musicians at all skill levels, excluding beginners, seeking casual music opportunities. If you are interested in joining one of our programs, please read on!


CM•MDC is a network of hundreds of non-professional chamber musicians interested in casual gatherings for playing opportunities in the DC metropolitan area.

This chart may help you decide whether CM•MDC or DCCM (or even both) are right for you.

Learn more about CM-MDC with the Musicians’ Guide.


  • $15/yr. fully refundable during the first 6 months

  • Opportunities to connect with other players

  • Support in planning and hosting your own home events

  • Opportunities to participate in quarterly open houses

  • Discounts on our most popular events and services

  • Get listed in our chamber musician directory and get 30-day free trial access.


DCCM is an alliance of musicians at the intermediate, advanced or semi-pro levels who share a passion for chamber music. DCCM offers educational and performance opportunities for musicians in pre-formed ensembles, and resources for individual musicians.

DCCM aspires to be the most comprehensive network of non-professional chamber musicians in the DC metropolitan region. DCCM offers a full suite of resources to support chamber ensembles, including rehearsal venues, coaching, and performance opportunities to provide musical growth for our members and build diverse audiences.

Pre-formed ensembles participating in concerts receive up to 4 hours of professional coaching (2 sessions at up to 2 hours each) from DCCM’s Artistic Advisor and from outside professional chamber music coaches participating in DCCM’s coaching program.  You can see an example of what to expect in a coaching session here.  Coaching for ensembles not participating in a concert is available for an additional fee.

Open Houses are events held jointly with Classical Musicians of Metro DC (CM•MDC) as “Mix and Match” sessions for sight reading or with prepared works. Multiple rooms with piano(s) are available, with a capacity for roughly 30. We invite you to get acquainted with members and meet other musicians to form ensembles.

For pre-formed ensembles that have received private coaching either from our Artistic Advisor, Randall Stewart, or in master classes immediately preceding each concert. DCCM concerts are supported by a $60 charge per member, per concert.

Annual dues are currently $35 and include access to DCCM’s directory of chamber musician and coach directories, and discounts on fees for quarterly chamber music opens. Additional services such as concerts, private coaching and rehearsal rooms are available at affordable, additional charges. Dues must be paid in advance.

This year’s season overview, including services and fees, is available here.

A musicians’ guide, including a full schedule of services, is available here.

This group is intended for musicians seeking resources to expand their playing opportunities and to advance their skill sets, including possible performance opportunities.

However, CM•MDC is another DCCOS program that can assist you in finding fellow musicians with whom to form ensembles. View this chart to decide whether CM•MDC or DCCM (maybe both) are right for you.


  • Private, professional chamber music coaching

  • Public concert performance opportunities

  • Access to quality rehearsal facilities at affordable, pre-negotiated rates

  • Discounts on quarterly, casual chamber music open houses to meet and play with fellow musicians

  • A large, searchable directory of chamber musicians throughout the metropolitan area

  • A directory of professional chamber music coaches


Founded in 2011, DCCO  is a high-quality, non-professional orchestra and one of Washington’s newest community orchestras. Under the baton of Maestro Randall Stewart (2014-present), DCCO has grown into one of the finest full symphony community orchestras in the region. The orchestra performs up to 4 concerts per season, 2 as a full orchestra, and 1 or 2 as a chamber or pops orchestra.

DCCO aspires to be the finest non-professional orchestra in the DC metropolitan region, providing educational experiences and musical growth for our members. We seek to explore a range of familiar and lesser-known repertoire, including modern and contemporary American music, to honor our heritage, promote new works, and to develop a loyal, diverse audience.

DCCO is a collegial, congenial, non-competitive group. We strive to create a diverse, inclusive membership that nurtures and encourages classical musicians to improve their musical skills. DCCO performs fewer concerts per season than many comparable orchestras and, for full orchestra concerts, generally holds bi-weekly rehearsals. This creates less demand on personal schedules, allows for more rehearsals per concert, and permits greater focus on the quality of our musical product. The character of rehearsals is low-stress and enjoyable, but also educational and focused. We look to our members to make a commitment toward the continual improvement and growth of the orchestra.

Conducted by Maestro Randall Stewart, the orchestra rehearses to perform up to 4 concerts each season, covering a wide breadth of themes and eras.

Membership is by audition only. Auditions are held 1-2 times a year. Read through “Auditioning for DCCO” to apply!

All active members pay seasonal dues of $120. Accommodation can be made for those for whom dues pose a challenge.

A guide, fully describing DCCO’s operations, rules, and practices, is available here.

Membership is by audition only.  Regular auditions are held in the late summer.  Supplemental winter auditions are held in January to fill mid-season staffing gaps. Candidates fall into two categories: core member or substitute (sublist), depending on need. There is no fee to audition, but all performing members pay dues of $120 for the 2024-25 season.

2024-25 pre-season auditions are OPEN. (Call closes Saturday, August 24.) Auditions will be held Sunday, August 25 and Sunday, September 8, between 1:00 and 5:00 pm at a downtown location right by Metro Center.  The instruments and positions we are auditioning for are listed at the beginning of the application form.

Before applying to audition, please carefully review the documents in our checklist below to ensure the fit is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”

Leonard Bernstein