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DCCM New Member Dues

DCCM dues are $50.00 and cover a one year membership.  Your dues entitle you to eligibility for all opportunities and services described in the schedule of services in this group's guide to service offerings.  The dues are a fixed rate regardless of the number of events you participate in or amount of services you consume.

Your annual dues cover roughly 20% of DCCM's annual operating expenses.  We are heavily subsidized by a very generous grant from the Nadia Sophie Seiler Memorial Fund, which will end NLT June 30, 2020.  The value of a single service offering from DCCM exceeds $50.  Please consider donating more to help us move toward a self-sustaining operation.  If you choose not to donate at this time, select the "No Thank You" option.  If you contribute $25 or more, you will be listed in our upcoming chamber music concert programs as a DCCM supporter.

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1 = beginner; 2 = fair; 3 = average; 4 = advanced; 5 = pro. You may enter a single decimal place to further qualify your skill level, e.g.: 3.6 would mean somewhere between intermediate and advanced; 4.5 would indicate very advanced.
Classical Musicians of Metro DC (CM-MDC) does not accept musicians at the beginner levels. As a general rule, DC Chamber Musicians (DCCM) does not accept musicians below the intermediate level (3). If you are applying for membership in DCCM and rate yourself below this, please contact the Executive Director of DCCOS at to discuss your membership request. Please do not rate yourself a pro (5) unless somewhere during the course of your musical career, you earned a significant portion of your income as a paid, professional PERFORMING musician.